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Hey y’all.  I know a lot of you will see this and be like “this dude hasn’t written anything in a looooong time.”  And that is true, I’ve been working my ass off out in LA and have been developing many projects.  I had the pleasure of Producing a film in NY with a great cast and crew.  We are so very close to raising the money we needed to finish the film.  Please head on over to:


and share the love and help spread the word!!!

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Hey everyone, please click on over and watch the music video that I had the pleasure of directing.  We had a really great crew and talent.  Enjoy!

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Oscar is making his yearly appearance!

I’m trying to convince Pop Culture Brain to do a live chat with me during the Oscars and I feel like with support we can make this happen.  Like this post or make a note and I’ll use that as leverage.  Thanks!

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Awards Season

So I’m looking at all these nominations and I don’t see Hans Zimmer for Inception or Daft Punk for TRON: Legacy for musical scores… Did I miss something?  If it is because of all that bullshit ineligibility thing Ima go off haha.  Not saying Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross aren’t deserving for The Social Network but seriously folks, the other 2 deserve noms because all 3 are incredible scores.  Sorry for the rant.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you my most anticipated documentary for this year.  This is one of the most emotionally compelling and interesting trailer I have seen in a ling time.  This doc captures the violence that is widespread in Chicago and is helmed by Steve James.  Steve James is the individual behind the documentary classic, Hoop Dream, and if you haven’t seen that yet then go now.  I am actually looking forward to seeing that doc again soon and then writing up a review.

Hilarious Video showing some priceless moments in film ad-placement history!!!

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all my readers!!!  I hope this year has many good movies to keep you entertained.  So now for the list of films I didn’t get to watch the were released last year that I want to see and which I will catch up on this year.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

All Good Things

Animal Kingdom


Blue Valentine


Casino Jack

City Island

Client 9


Due Date

Fair Game

Four Lions

Frankie & Alice


Get Low

Green Zone


Holy Rollers


I Love You Phillip Morris

I’m Still Here

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Jackass 3D

Leaves of Grass

Legend of the Guardians

Life During Wartime



Middle Men


Never Let Me Go

Nowhere Boy

Paper Man

Paranormal Activity 2

Rabbit Hole

Rare Exports

Repo Men

Robin Hood

Solitary Man



The American

The Company Men

The Ghost Writer

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The Good, the Bad, the Weird

The Illusionist

The Killer Inside Me

The King’s Speech

The Last Exorcism

The Next Three Days

The Secret of Kells

The Tempest

The Way Back


The Movies of 2010

Here is a list (alphabetically) of all the movies I saw that were released this year.  In bold are the ones I thought stood out from the rest:

127 Hours

A Prophet

Alice in Wonderland

Black Swan

The Book of Eli


Clash of the Titans

Cop Out

The Crazies


Day & Night


Despicable Me

Edge of Darkness

Enter the Void

Entre Nos

Exit Through the Gift Shop

The Expendables


The Fighter


Get Him to the Greek

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I


Hot Tub Time Machine

How to Train Your Dragon


Iron Man 2


The Kids are All Right


Let Me In

The Losers




The Other Guys

Piranha 3D


Prince of Broadway


Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

She’s Out of My League

Shutter Island

The Social Network


Tiny Furniture

Toy Story 3

The Town

TRON: Legacy

True Grit

Winter’s Bone

The Wolfman

Youth in Revolt

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The Fighter (2010)

I recently saw The Fighter which is the latest film from director David O. Russell (3 Kings, I Heart Huckabees).  Unaware of what to expect with this film, the only thing I thought I’d walk out applauding would have been Christian Bale’s performance but to my surprise at the film’s finish I found myself appreciating the many elements that this film was put together with.

I’ll dive in where I normally do and go right to the acting performances.  One minute into the film I said to myself, Chrisitan Bale is an amazing actor.  Bale plays Dicky Eklund, a drug addicted former boxer with hopes of returning to glory, and he almost disappears into this role.  Bale attacks this character head on and delivers what is this year’s finest supporting actor role deserving of an Academy award nom and dare I say this early, a win.  Melissa Leo, plays Dicky and Mickey Ward’s (played by Mark Wahlberg) mother, Alice Ward, and she too delivers a solid performance as the overbearing, eccentric matriarch.  All the other performances were good as well, including Wahlberg as the film’s protagonist “Irish” Mickey Ward as well as Amy Adams as his love interest.  The overall casting was very well done, especially for all the women who played Mickey’s sisters since they looked alike and played well off of Leo as her supportive band.  

David O. Russell has developed a particular style as a storyteller and I was glad to see that he did not abandon this with The Fighter.  The script was well crafted with witty dialogue and interesting character explorations.  Russell allows the story to unfold with moments of comedic relief which are present in his other films.  The film is accompanied by a roaring soundtrack which helps tell the story.  The film seems a little “Hollywood” but that is forgivable given that this is a true story.  "The Fighter" might not have been the best title for this movie given that it is barely about the actual fights Mickey has as a boxer; rather this is a character driven story about a man coming to terms with his life and loved ones in a struggle to emerge stronger through life experiences (so maybe “The Fighter” is a good title since he fights against many things…).  Anyway, a good film and might be one of my frontrunners for best of the year given that it was tight in many respects.  

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Review Soon

Saw The Fighter (2010) last night.  Expect a review soon!